Contraptions Rules

Contraptions Competition Rules

Sponsored by Bristol Steampunk Museum, the Chepstow Steampunk Winter Festival is hosting a Prize Exhibition of the Art of Steampunk Contrapting. Entries will be displayed at the Festival, and thereafter the prizewinners at the Bristol Steampunk Museum.


Entries can be any contraptions that fit into the Steampunk genre: designed and built by the entrant.

Weapons of any kind are not allowed. You know what we mean; don’t start asking about pens and swords etc. Dangerous or offensive materials may not be used. Again, common sense please.


The First Prize will be £50 and a Penydarren gold medal.

The two runners up will receive £25 each and a silver or bronze medal for second and third place respectively.

The winning contraptions will be displayed at the Bristol Steampunk Museum for one month.

The competition judges shall make their decision as to the winners at the Chepstow Steampunk Winter Festival on Saturday 25th November 2017. Judges will be looking at overall design, craftsmanship, steampunk flavour and creativity. Where entries are in close contention, originality will also be taken into account. Their decision is final.


Entrants are allowed one submission each. A maximum limit of 30 submissions is allowed for the competition altogether, so please contact Bristol Steampunk Museum to be given a competition entry number and avoid disappointment. Entrants may be put on a waiting list if they wish, but Bristol Steampunk Museum does not accept responsibility for contraptions which do not make it into the competition. Bring it back next year, or take it to Lincoln Asylum Festival!

Contraptions must be made to fit inside a box one cubic foot in size. Box to be provided by entrant. Entrants are allowed a maximum £10 spend on new materials, and may use existing materials to hand. We do not require proof; a Steampunk’s word is their bond.

Entrants are allowed to submit something they made earlier, just like the Blue Peter presenter, but it must be new to the Chepstow audience.

The theme of the contraption does not have to be “Victoriental”.

Submissions are to be presented with a postcard supplying the following information:

  • Name and contact details of Entrant (UK phone number and/or email address).
  • International entries should provide an email address.
  • Title of contraption and, where appropriate, function.
  • Entrants are invited to provide a brief background story on the postcard should they wish, but this is optional.

Gadgets may not be plugged into a wall socket. Batteries are allowed.

Entrants are strongly encouraged to attend the Chepstow Steampunk Winter Festival to discuss their contraption, although it is also permitted to submit contraptions to Bristol Steampunk Museum in advance. The cutoff date for receiving entries at the museum is Thursday 23rd November 2017 by 5.30 p.m.

International postage entries may be sent to
Bristol Steampunk Museum,
13 Cotham Hill,
BS6 6LD, UK.

The Museum and Competition Judges shall not be responsible for customs duties, and entries must be suitable for shipment to the UK. (For example, ivory is not permitted)


Contraptions must be removed from the hall immediately after the competition, between 4-5pm on the Saturday.

Bristol Steampunk Museum will organise this for contraptions submitted in absentia.

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