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Bristol Steampunk Museum is delighted to sponsor our first Contraption Competition.   Established in 2016, the museum is located in the heart of Clifton’s busy Clifton Down shopping area, on the doorstep of Bristol’s main hospital, the BBC and the university.  We hope you will stop by and see us (and bring us a contraption for the competition — see the Rules).

Kate Mayberry, the museum owner, has an eclectic background with studies ranging from liberal arts, to Oriental Studies, to music composition and finally, science.  She was very excited to discover Steampunk, and having always wished to promote highbrow cultural events–and with a penchant for the absurd–Kate finally found her home from home among the clever and eccentric world that is our Steampunk community.

The museum has been lucky to have had the early support of three very skilled Steampunk gadgeteers: Andy Dingley, James Richardson-Brown and Mat McCall.  Together we have built up a growing band of museum supporters; on our travels we have been thrilled to extend our network to include many new Steampunk friends and fellow contraptors, including (ALL HAIL) The Bishop of Squid, aka Cornelius Porridge, the lovely Professor Elemental, Jessica Law, the Brigadier of the Martian Expeditionary Force, Craig Bean, Herr Doctor,  the Asylum Tiffin Mistress, Michelle Edmunds of Reading and the legendary John the Tinker, founder of Asylum.  We also met a giant hyaena from Didcot — we never found out his name, but he would make a great limerick.

Our vision is to join with all these lovely folk, and continue to enliven the local community and spread the joy of all things Steampunk.  In addition to selling contraptions and Steampunk art, we have a fun and quirky gift shop which will soon be online at Please like us, join us, come and see us, make a documentary about us, invite us to an event in Hawaii or go on a  Steampunk shopping spree!

We will be planning more events in conjunction with our sister Chepstow crew (with whom we already have a strong bond).  Keep an eye out for future exciting collaborations!

Sponsors of the Contraptions Competition at the Chepstow Steampunk Winter Festival 2017

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